Here's what we offer...

Each inmate needs one of these plans:

Connect Plan - This is our lowest cost option and is designed to keep families connected. This plan processes messages during off peak hours and delivers them once a day to the inmate. This plan is $4.95 per month.

Basic Plan - This is our most popular plan and allows inmates to send and receive text and email messages which are delivered throughout the day. This plan is $8.95 per month.

Live Plan - This option is for inmates at facilities that do not allow them to use automated messaging systems. For those inmates we have virtual assistants that deal directly with the inmate and handle their messages for them so the can stay connected. This plan is $19.95 per month.

They may also choose from these options:

Personal Number - This option can be added to any plan. The inmate is issued their own SMS number that they can give out to their family and friends or use on social media accounts. Any messages sent to their number will be delivered to the inmate. This option is $5 per month.

Alexa credits - This option can be used by inmates with any plan. Alexa is a virtial assistant for the inmates that can perform many tasks such internet research, ordering books, sending pictures, etc. There is no monthly subscription for Alexa, 60 credits are $10 and can be used at any time.

Pictures - This option can be used by inmates with any plan. Inmates LOVE pictures. Our system allows them to receive pictures to their personal email address, or Alexa to go and find whatever pictures they want on the internet, or gather all the pictures from their social media accounts and send them. This process requires both Alexa credits and money available for the cost of the pictures, which are 25 cents each.

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